While Seated: the Soundtrack

Politics * New!
2008.08.27 Sean Penn & Jello Biafra
@ Ralph Nader Super Rally
University of Denver, Denver, CO
(41meg mp3 download)

2008.02.02 Senator John McCain @ Cobb Center for the Performing Arts
Cobb County, GA
128kbps 24min12sec (mp3 download)

2008.01.26 Announcement of Barack Obama's Victory
Students at Benedict College, Columbia, SC
128kbps 1min18sec (mp3 download)

2008.01.25 Election Eve Rally for Barack Obama, Columbia, SC
Senator Barack Obama's Election Eve Speech
128kbps 42min07sec (mp3 download)
A young fiddler, playing along with beats & MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech
128kbps 4min44sec (mp3 download)

2008.01.25 Bill Clinton, Stumping for Hillary Clinton's Campaign, Clinton, SC
Part1: 128kbps 5min46sec (mp3 download)
Part2: 128kbps 4min30sec (mp3 download)

2008.01.20 Senator Barack Obama @ Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA
Excerpts at 160kbps 15min11sec (mp3 download)

"Gold Plated 911 Diapers" * New!
Rudy Guliani, Christopher Walken & Greyboy
2min49sec 192k (mp3 download)
Made for WFMU's Rudy Guliani 9/11 Remix Contest

"Is Everybody In?"
2min18sec 320k mp3 (download)

Family Audio Letters: Sitka, AK, 1973
* "You know what grass is?" (mp3 download)
* "And it'll sound just the same." (mp3 download)

Field Recordings
* Sounds of the Tour de France, 2001 (on Archive.org)
* Bells in Brugges, Belgium, 2001 (on Archive.org)
* Train from Tokyo to Kamakura, Japan, 2005 (download)

Songs from Miguelito Contraband:
Song with crickets in the backyard 20140709
New Song: "Offer"
Album: Caveat Empty
Gigs: Pics

* Photojournalist James Nachtwey on turning down assignments (mp3 | transcript)

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